Marketing Video Services

STP Images Commercial Photography creates custom videos from our photo shoots and video shoots on location at your business. These Marketing Videos are professionally edited inclusive of on screen text and graphics, smooth transitions and a royalty-free music score. These Marketing Videos can be hosted on your website directly or you can upload them to YouTube, Vimeo or other video hosting service and embed them on your site or share them on social media.

Most videos are between one and two minutes, but longer videos are available for instructional or education purposes as well. Marketing Videos can be as simple as a tight headshot (talking head) video or it can incorporate video footage and photographs from your business, your products or your services being performed.

Creation of a tight headshot (talking head) Marketi Video of up to 1:00 minute including studio lighting, professional audio, full editing, royalty free music score and on screen text and graphics is $2,500.00.

Creation of a full Marketing Video with video footage and still photographs captured by STP Images, voice-overs from owners and/or managers with studio lighting, professional audio, full editing, royalty free music score, on-screen text and graphics and the delivery of the final video as a 1080 or 4k MP4 is $3,000.00 for up to a 1:00 minute video.

Take a look at some samples of our past work below and contact us via email or phone in the studio to discuss your project.

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