Corporate Headshots

At STP Images, we specialize in headshots. In fact, a huge percentage of our annual photography business originates from our headshot services.

The preparation for corporate headshots is simple. A phone call or two will help us agree upon the time, date, location, style of backdrop and number of employees to be photographed. Once we have booked the date, we come to your office and set up any lights, reflectors, equipment or backdrops that might be needed. We then photograph your entire group over one or two business days, depending upon the total number of employees to be photographed.

We can capture a classic and traditional style of headshot with studio lighting and a paper sweep background or we can capture a more contemporary and artistic style of headshot with natural light augmented by reflectors and scrims. The results are outstanding regardless of the style chosen.

Once the headshots have been captured, we return to the studio and cull the batch of employee images down to typically the best 8 per employee. We then crop, color correct and/or adjust fill lighting on all images for consistency across the entire batch of headshots. We then send an email to our designated employee contact that contains a password to an online gallery where all employee images are posted. Each employee or manager chooses one selection per employee (two selections each for three or fewer employee headshots).  The headshot selections are then fully retouched and saved as high resolution, non-watermarked, print-ready jpg files. The jpg files are then delivered to our clients through download access via (or we can mail a disc of images, too).  Web resolution files are also included at no extra cost for use on social media and websites.




Employee Count                  Price Per Employee


1 employee                                 $275.00

2 to 3 employees                       $225.00

4 to 6 employees                       $160.00

7 to 9 employees                       $130.00

10 to 19 employees                   $115.00

20 or more employees               Call for rate


If you book us to come to your office to shoot headshots that require a three or four light setup with a backdrop, an “on-location setup” fee of $300.00 will be included for load-in, set-up, tear-down and load-out for lighting and background.  THERE IS NO SETUP FEE FOR NATURAL LIGHT OR ‘ONE LIGHT’ HEADSHOTS.


Corporate Staff Group Photos – Similar to the process for staff headshots, staff group photos are fairly easy to plan.  After agreeing upon the time, date, location, style of group photo and number of employees to be photographed, we come to your office and set up lights, reflectors, scrims and camera equipment.  We then photograph your office staff in a single photo or we can break out groups for smaller staff group photos (i.e. accounting, sales, support, etc.).

Typically, we photograph your staff outdoors or in common lobby areas of your building.  This usually requires coordination with your building management company.  STP Images will provide a liability insurance certificate to your management company with a $2,000,000.00 per incident liability limit.

The service, including travel to and from the client site, providing insurance certificate to building management, the setting up of the equipment, the photography of the group, the posting of the images for review and the retouching of two (2) final images delivered as high resolution, non-watermarked JPGs is only $595.00.

Frequently, our clients have a few people needing headshots in addition to the group photos.  While on location photographing a staff group photo, we can also photograph your employees needing headshots.  Each headshot taken on the same date as the staff group photo runs a mere $75.00 each.


Office Staff Action/Stock Photos           Many clients who book us for headshots and staff photos also need “action” photos of staff for banner and website photos.  Typically, web developers suggest that companies purchase stock photography, but more and more clients want web visitors to see company employees on their own websites, not stock photography models.

We will come out and set up five (5) total staged vignettes (such as people in a conference in a meeting room, people gathered around a computer working on a project, employees meeting with a client or chatting with each other in the corporate office lobby).  Each vignette will include multiple poses and groupings to capture the best possible single image.  Each client receives five (5) fully retouched and web ready final selections from the shoot.  Each five (5) shot set of images is only $395.00 when added on to headshots or a group photo.






2 Responses to Corporate Headshots

  1. Jon Lance Boudreaux says:

    Service location in Houston?

    • stpimages says:

      Lance – our studio is located on the northern edge of downtown Houston at 1113 Vine Street, Suite 210, 77002. Feel free to call the studio for more information!

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